Set out into the clear blue sea on a small-group trip for an unforgettable view of Dubrovnik. Snorkel and explore the marine world. 

Dive into the crystal, clear blue Adriac Sea! We take you to the best diving sites of the Dubrovnik archipelago where you can discover hidden beaues above and below the sea. For this cruise, no experience is needed as the professional diving instructor will lead you through this adventure. Diving points are located around guardians of the sea and Dubrovnik coast, Elaphi Islands. They represent combinaon of a natural beauty and historical sites, stunning landscapes and glorious beaches. Between two dives, one in the morning and one in the aernoon, you can explore and relax on the islands. Get to know the old summer houses of Dubrovnik nobility and have a lunch in local tavern with domesc food speciales. With this diving cruise, you can experience a unique undersea adventure. It is the best way to view the colourful and fascinang world beneath the sea’s surface. A combinaon of an excing speed boat tour and the tranquillity of the undersea world will leave you with unforgeable memories of your vacaon in Dubrovnik.


No experience is necessary, as you will receive training on how to snorkel safely!