dubrovnik flight with american airlines

Could Dubrovnik soon see direct flights from the USA

by thedubrovniktimes.com 11.6.2018

According to a specialised website the carrier American Airlines is seriously considering opening direct flights from Philadelphia to Dubrovnik as a summer season link.

It is believed that a decision will be made as to whether this new American Airline flights will be introduced inside the next month. And presumably these new flights would start in the summer of 2019.

Dubrovnik has long been searching for an American airline to operate direct flights. In fact, last year tourists from the US were in the top five in the city and this is without any flights. Many American tourists currently use either London or Frankfurt as a hub before flying off to the States, however this also often involves another flight to Zagreb from Dubrovnik. Meaning a flight from Dubrovnik to the US can mean at least two stops.

banje beach on dubrovnik sunday

Banje Beach on a Dubrovnik Sunday

by thedubrovniktimes.com 11.6.2018

In spite of the changeable weather in Dubrovnik which saw blue skies one minute and rain the next the iconic Banje Beach, just a stone’s throw from the walls of the Old City, was busy today with swimmers and sunbathers.

The actual sea temperature in Dubrovnik is around 24 degrees, so jumping in the Adriatic is far from chilly. Many tourists rolled out their towels today, although the presumably had umbrellas handy just in case, and made the most of the weekend.

The unstable weather is predicted to last for most of next week, although temperatures will not drop below 25 degrees, there is a chance of a few spots of rain all week.

dolphin spotted in dubrovnik boat rent

Dolphin spotted in busy Dubrovnik port

by thedubrovniktimes.com 30.4.2018

This is something you don’t see every day – a dolphin swimming in the Port of Dubrovnik. This friendly dolphin was spotted this morning lounging around in the warm waters of the Adriatic in a relatively busy harbour in Dubrovnik.

It seemed that the dolphin wasn’t too bothered with the boats and onlookers as it swam in circles around the Gruz harbour. Many locals and tourists took the unique opportunity to get a fabulous photo of Dubrovnik’s dolphin.

Spotting dolphins in the open sea around Dubrovnik isn’t so common, but actually seeing one right in the middle of the main port is extremely rare. Boat owners have been warned not to disturb the dolphin in any way and not to get too close.

dubrovnik fun day at dubrovnik beach rent boat

Fun on the beach as Dubrovnik summer begins early

by thedubrovniktimes.com 27.4.2018

With temperatures up in the high twenties and the glinting Adriatic Sea looking extremely inviting it was a day to hit the beaches in Dubrovnik.

The Banje Beach was a popular destination as locals and tourists took the opportunity to cool off in the turquoise sea. The forecast for the weekend is for more of the same, clear blue skies and rising temperatures, so expect the beaches to be magnets again.

The current sea temperature in Dubrovnik is around 18 degrees.