Restaurant & Lounge bar Villa Ruza is located on the island of Kolocep, one of the three Elaphite Islands west of Dubrovnik.

Sip your favourite cocktail in the shadow of hundred year old olive trees in a most relaxing atmosphere of this stylish and sophisticated lounge bar. Have a holiday of your dreams. Restaurant & Lounge bar Villa Ruza serves Mediterranean cuisine. The amazing dishes are prepared in a modern but unique way by a young chef who developed skills and creativity working with Michelin Star chefs and who gained experience working as chef on yachts around the Mediterranean.

Ruđer Jelavić, owner & chef:

“Villa Ruza is a special place for me; the love between this venue and me is a life-long story. As a little boy I used to come here with my father and I remember being amazed by the elegance and serenity of the Villa. My dream has always been to run this place and share my feelings about it with other people. Having finished the F&B College In Opatija, Coatia, I made my dream come true! I decided to open a unique restaurant in the Dubrovnik area and, of course, the first choice was Villa Ruza on the island of Kolocep. This is an old Villa reflecting the lifestyle from the past of Dubrovnik, so I felt I had to connect the atmosphere of the old Villa and the food! I knew that, while sitting on a crescent shaped terrace hidden in the deep green of pine wood, looking at the deep blue horizon, you have to taste traditional dishes of this area. Therefore, I insist on presenting traditional Dalmatian cuisine, but always with an innovative and modern touch. We use only daily fresh fish coming from local fisherman, vegetables from the neighbouring gardens and spices from our own garden. I enjoy doing the job I like, working in the place I love!”



  • Built to celebrate a love story from the past, Villa Ruza is a perfect place for wedding parties! Make your Big Day special in this romantic spot by the sea, in the company of those you love and respect!
  • Looking for a quiet spot for a calm and relaxed business meeting? Restaurant & Lounge bar Villa Ruza is the right place for you!
  • The unique interior of the Villa is suitable for organizing seminars, while its beautiful terrace and the incredible countryside of the island of Kolocep offer additional opportunities for team building activities.