Dear guests and visitors,

This private excursion with speed boat gives to you an opportunity to visit and explore Elaphite islands in comfort and privacy of your group without time limitations and according to our suggested and flexible itinerary… We will stop on each island so that you can enjoy outstanding beauty and historical sites of Elaphite islands. Sea caves, attractive forms of rocks and well-indented coast of islands formed by constant influence of the sea are true natural attractions that will satisfy all nature lovers … After our departure, first we will pass by Dubrovnik city walls from sea side, and in continuation we will have a ride around famous Dubrovnik reefs. First island to be visited on this excursion is island Kolocep. Here we will make a break to relax, swim and explore natural beauties of Mediterranean sea cave. After visit of sea cave on island Kolocep, we will continue towards island Lopud. Lopud is the most populated and economically developed as it was during rule of Dubrovnik Republic. Lopud Island is abounded with beautiful sandy beaches, pine and cypress parks, historical monuments and medieval architecture…We will visit southern side of the island Lopud and the most famous sandy beach in southern Dalmatia named Šunj (Shunj) and stop for swim and snorkeling. Later will also visit the main settlement of island Lopud where you will have free time to explore and enjoy medieval architecture, old monuments and beautiful sandy beaches Next on our way is island Šipan (Shipan) where you can walk in the old port of the settlement Sudjuradj. Here you can have a lunch in local tavern with authentic ambiance and domestic sea food specialties.Before our return to Dubrovnik we will enjoy the ride with speed boat and perhaps stop again on one of the islands for swimming.Sometime later we will make our way back to Dubrovnik where this exciting tour ends. 


Ruins of former patrician summer residences are scattered along the island’s wooded slopes. A short stop will be made on the islands of Kolocep, followed by a trip to Lopud. After short sightseeing of Lopud, we continue our cruise to port on island Šipan just 10 min by boat from Lopud. After lunch, time at leisure on Lopud before our return.
Light sportswear and swimwear recommended.

Before we set on this journey our boat takes us right up to the Old Town city walls so that you can get view the city from this close up perspective.

As outilined, our first stop is Kolocep. The hamlet of Celo has sand and pebble beaches and a park with numerous species of subtropical flora. The small churches of St. Anthony of Padua, St. Nicholas and St. Srd found here belong to the regional group of pre-Romanesque architecture.

Sailing on, we would be coming to Lopud. It traces back its name to Greeks (Delaphodia) and Roman (Lafota) and it became attached to the Dubrovnik Republic in the 11th century. In the 15th century the island was settled by the refugees from the areas occupied by the Turks. The inhabitants of Lopud were oriented to seafaring from the early days. In the 16th century they participated with their ships in the invasions of Spanish rulers on Tunisia, Algeria, Portugal and England. On a prominent location above the village are the ruins of the Duke’s Palace, a two-story Gothic structure with a terrace garden.
On the south-eastern side of the island is Sunj, one of the best sandy beaches in the whole of Croatia. This is a perfect setting for a fish picnic which offers you a variety of local fish, meat and vegetarian specialties served with local wine, domestic brandy and non-alcoholic drinks.

The last island Sipan, is slightly more populated than Kolocep. The island has several architectural monuments from the Middle Ages and the 15th century Dubrovnik aristocracy built their summer villas and castles on the island. Sipan also housed Dubrovnik archibishop’s summer residence.